We believe in a Presbyterian Church that does not profit from climate change.


In 2020, we believed that the General Assembly would vote to support categorical divestment from fossil fuels. 

And then the coronavirus pandemic hit, and the Committee on General Assembly decided to postpone all overture business.


Presbyterians, and all people of faith, are always called to serve the earth. And so our work to divest from fossil fuels as Presbyterians continues at the Presbytery level. Click here to start to organize in your presbytery to divest from fossil fuels.


This is God’s call for all humanity from the very beginning (Genesis 2:15). While fossil fuels have allowed us to create a better world for many, we now know its impact on creation and future generations is threatening the life we know and cherish. As we confess that failure, we

must listen to and engage with the people in frontline communities who are already experiencing climate change, to better understand the human toll climate change has taken and will continue to take on God’s children.


Toolkit to use in your presbytery. (COMING SOON!)


Here is the language from the overture to divest from fossil fuels. Download the language here, and En Español.


Click here for an ever-evolving organizing toolkit.