Why Divest?

Clearly, God’s creation and creatures are suffering from climate change caused by the burning of fossil fuels. But why divestment as one strategy toward healing?


Divestment is a powerful public statement removing moral license from big oil, gas and coal companies, which generate huge profits and overly influence public policy, even while the planet is quickly warming toward an uninhabitable state.


As a strategy, divestment communicates the urgent need to leave untapped 80% of the known carbon reserves and invest in renewable energies capable of meeting humanity's needs. The divestment movement is growing internationally, including hundreds of universities, colleges, cities, counties, and religious organizations.


The underlying moral imperative for the church, in keeping with God’s covenant with all things alive and yet to be born (Genesis 9), is to withdraw its support from companies that profit from destroying creation.


Why divestment? For creation!