"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…



These familiar words begin the first creation story in Genesis.  In this story, on the sixth day of creation God says, "Let us make humankind in our own image" and in the same verse, God says "Let us" give humankind dominion over the wild animals and all the crawling things over the earth.


Now when God said this, the writer believed God was in the heavenly council, which is why God says "Let us give humankind dominion".  In the council were some lesser gods and, of course, the angels of heaven.


Now when God said to give humankind dominion, I can see some of the angels wincing, and saying, "No, God, no, don't give humankind dominion."  For they were afraid humankind would no embrace its vocation.


And today those same angels would be saying, "God, we told you so.  We tried to stop you from giving dominion over the living things of the earth to humankind."


But then, this divestment overture was written, and these same angels are now saying, "Those Presbyterians—they have figured out what having dominion means—namely, to care for the living things on the earth—their supreme vocation. Maybe the Presbyterians are now going to re-claim who they truly are."


And right now, these same angels are now holding their breath, praying that this committee and this GA will pass this overture and embrace our vocation and we will take steps to end global warming, to show that God's was right in giving us this vocation.


This is a picture of my son, Benjamin, age 14.  Because Benjamin has Asperger's, a mild form of autism, he will have some serious challenges ahead of him.


But if we continue to let global warming occur, his life will be 100 times more difficult.  Don't let that happen! Pass this overture now.  Give us hope.  Give my son hope.  Give the world hope.  Bring it to the floor of GA and let's reclaim our vocation of caring for the earth and the living things upon it. 


All thanks be to God.  Amen.