Hi, I’m Cody Kirk and I’m a member of St. Luke Presbyterian Church in Minnetonka, Minnesota. I just graduated from high school.


I’m really concerned about the future of our global ecosystems. My youth group feels the same way, and we’ve been calling our congregation into action on climate change. Specifically, the fossil fuel divestment overture is an opportunity to act in a new and prophetic way to shift the conversation on climate change.


We feel strongly that this is the most urgent issue we face as a global community. The vulnerable are suffering the most.


Sometimes it feels hopeless.


But we have chosen to turn to our Christian teachings and act together in faith and hope. We cannot do this alone. We need you to walk with us.


We know a lot of you really care about the planet, and have been trying to drive less, turn down your thermostats and so on. Thank you! It’s important to continue these efforts. Now we need to add a broad, communal response. By joining a growing worldwide divestment movement, we will have more influence than we would as shareholders.


In our youth group, we know that climate change already threatens our futures. That’s why we’re asking the Presbyterian Church to do something BIG—withdraw its support from the fossil fuel companies that make a profit from destroying God’s creation.


This is how I see the church really being like Jesus, not just talking but making hard choices to live like him, caring for the poor and all those without a voice.


Please join us in passing this overture.