As Presbyterians, we are committed to education and are thus committed to the education of our denomination around fossil fuels, faith, and divestment. We offer this four-hour curriculum as a resource to your congregation.


The Fossil Free PCUSA 2015 Climate Justice Curriculum will lead your congregation through the Biblical basis for caring for creation, the basics of climate change, what we can do as individuals and congregations, and the role of our denomination in combatting climate change with a focus on divesting from fossil fuels.  As Christians we have a spiritual and moral obligation to care for all of God’s creation – plants, animals, and humans – and the land, water and air on which all life depends. Extracting fossil fuels is devastating our land, water and air and burning fossil fuels is the major culprit in creating climate change. If we are to slow the effects of climate change, the most effective way is to keep fossil fuels in the ground and minimize burning them. There are many ways this can be done individually and as a society. Divestment - selling investments in fossil fuel companies - is one way to put pressure on those companies to develop newer and cleaner technologies for producing energy.