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 About Fossil Free PCUSA:

God's call to love all creation directs us to be good stewards of the earth and to live lives that are sustainable. Where our treasure lies, so do our hearts.

We continue to be faithful through our individual and collective actions that reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and we continue to encourage divestment from the industry that harms the planet the most.


Members and friends of the Presbyterian Church (USA) have responded to our biblical call to care for God’s good creation since 2012 by calling on our denomination to divest from the fossil fuel industry.

In 2014, we, the leadership of FFPCUSA and representatives from 12 concurring presbyteries, traveled to General Assembly in Detroit to present an overture to divest. This overture was sent to the Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI) committee for further study.

In 2016, the support for our updated overture grew to 31 concurring presbyteries and we traveled to GA in Portland. Our overture was passed in committee but eventually was again sent to MRTI.


In 2017, we became an official project of PPF, acknowledging that the work of ecojustice is entangled with peacemaking.


In 2018, the support for our overture grew to 40 presbyteries and many of us walked from Louisville to GA in St Louis. 


In 2020, the overture was passed on to General Assembly in 2022 because of the pandemic.


In 2022, our work has continued to grow, in collaboration with people across the denomination, but focused on our commitment to divest from the industry that has contributed the most to climate change.

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As followers of Jesus Christ,

we strive to be antiracist, feminist, nonviolent, and inclusive

in our approach to climate change activism in the PCUSA.